Ljubovija is a municipality in western Serbia and has an area of ​​356 km 2.The inhabitants of this region are called Azbukovica and Azbukovac themselves. According to the 2002 census, Ljubovija municipality has about 17,232 inhabitants, and in 1961 it had 25,000 inhabitants. Much of the part went to Mačvu, but also to Srem, theValjeva, Novog Sada, Beograda and other cities. Ljubovija is the largest, with about 5,000 inhabitants, and there are 27 mostly smaller villages, the largest of which are Crnča and Vrhpolje.

The biggest natural potential of this region is located at an altitude of 190 m at the entrance to Azbukovica, between Ljubovija and Bajina Bašta, near the town of Okletac and 160 m when it leaves the Velika Reka. It is about 50 - 200 m wide, it builds numerous islands and runs through Azbukovica in a length of 38 km.
The traditional manifestation "Drina regatta" is held every other Saturday in July and gathers a large number of visitors, and rafting lovers have the opportunity to enjoy its charm.

About 25 km from Ljubovija, the impressive mountain Bobija rises, with the highest peak Tornička Bobija (1272 m) and the neighboring peaks of the approximate height(Oštra stena, Opaljena stena, Crni vrh, Rilo, Palež, Krušik…)and the only one is entirely in the territory Azbukovice. The whole of this mountain makes a ridge wreath starting above Gornje Ljubovje and leading east to the top of Rilo above Razbojišta (about 10 km).
The mountain is rich with very strong and cold sources of drinking water at high altitudes, which makes it extraordinary. There are more than 100 sources of such sources in Bobby, and the famous water is known by the famous.

Mountaineers have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful hiking trails of the beautiful areas of Azbukovica.
Not far from Ljubovija, there is Mount Bobija, which due to the beautiful terrain, the richness of the flora and fauna, numerous sources of cold and drinking water, we recommend to mountaineers, hunters and everyone who wants to escape from urban life. The mountain is incredibly beautiful and properly decorated, without the natural balance being disturbed.
Nearby are the canyons of Tribuće, Sušice, Ljubovje and Trešnjice. On the mountain there is the home of "Srbijašume" and the chateau church near Dobra voda..