About 25 km from Ljubovija rises a impressive mountain called Bobija, with the highest peak Tornicka Bobija (1272 m) and neighboring peaks approximate height (Ostra stena, Opaljena stena, Crni vrh, Rilo, Palež, Krušik ...) and its the only one is in completely in the territory of Azbukovica. The mountains make a crested chain starting above Upper Ljubovidja and it goes east to the top Rilo above Razbojišta (about 10 km).

The mountain is rich with very strong and cold springs of drinkable water at high altitudes which makes it remarkable. These sources at Bobby has over 100, and according to the famous one, Dobra is known water. Due to the variety of relief, plant and the animal world, terrains are created for hikers, hunters and hikers. Near the mountain find the canyons of the tributaries of the river Tribuće, Trešnjice, Sušice and Love. On the mountain there is a home Srbijašume and the chateau church near Dobra voda. We recommend it to hikers, hunters and everyone who want to escape from urban life.