Gastro festival is the second largest manifestation in the municipality of Ljubovija.
The organizer of the manifestation, which gathers a large number of participants from the country and abroad, is the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ljubovija.
It was created with the aim to promote Azbukovka cuisine, ethno dining and specialties of our region.
Considering the manifestation of an international character, participants and visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the customs and culinary specialties of various parts.

The Gastro Festival is held every year on the second Saturday of May, and the competition takes place in the following disciplines:

  • Preparation of fish soup,
  • Ethno table,
  • Modern kitchen,
  • Bakery,
  • Patisserie,
  • Carving (fruit and vegetable carving),
  • The fastest cooker of the gastronomic fest (competition in grinding of black onion).

Judges at the event are professors of the Belgrade High School Hotel School, licensed for this kind of competition.
The Gastro Festival is a manifestation followed by a rich cultural and entertainment program and is of great importance for the promotion and development of tourism in our municipality.