Monastery St. Trojice is located in the village of Bjele Vode, on the slopes of Nemic Hill, near Ljubovija, about 400 m above the Drina River. This is a new monastery, with the blessing of the bishop Mr. Lavrentije from Sabac was built by the owner Karadjordje Ristanovic, who's roots are from there. The monastery was build on a family estate around the graves of his parents Kosta and Božana Ristanović and his little sister Vida. The Monastery was revived in 2005.on the arrival of Jeromonah Seraphim for the monastery's master and has been maintained since regular worship.The Monestery has the cover cloth from the body of St.Petke.

The monastery has a very beautiful location with beautiful views overlooking the Drina and the Bosnian mountains, clean air and high quality spring water, by which the village was named.