In the territory of Azbukovica there are 12 churches and 4 monasteries, which indicates the importance of religion in this area.

Church of the Loggia in Donjoj Orovici

Dedicated to the Parliament of Sv. 12 Apostles with interesting relics. The time of the church's creation has not been established with certainty, but is considered to be more than 200 years old. There are many icons in the church, and four are under the protection of the state and are of special value. Near the church there is a prangija for which nobody knows where it is from, but it is known to advertise on Christmas Eve. An interesting custom is associated with her: a guy who wanted his wife to lift a prangia over his head and prove that he was ready for marriage.

The church in Selancu

It is dedicated to Sv. Apostles Petru i Pavlu. There is no information when it was built, but it is assumed to be from the XIII century. It was rebuilt in 1816 and protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. In the church there is a crypt - a place where the burial priests are, and by the legend and the populace that lived 110 years.

The church in Ljubovija is dedicated to St. Transformation, built in 1932, in Moravian style.

The church in Gornjoj Ljubovidji is devoted to the Restoration of the Lord, built in 1940.

The church in Gračanici is dedicated to the Restoration of the Lord, built in 1903.

The church in Arsenovic is dedicated to Sv. Great Dimitriu, built in 1968.

The church in Savkovic (Bobija) is dedicated to Sv. martyr Knez Lazar, built in 1944.

The church in Caparic is dedicated to Sv. Nikolai, built in 1932.

The church in Vrhpolјu is dedicated to Sv. the prophet Jeremiji, built in 2000.

The church in Gornjoj Trešnjici is dedicated to Sv. Nikoli, built in 1839.

The church in Orovičkoj planina is dedicated to Sv. Velikomučeniku Georgiju, built in the nineties of the last century.
The church in Uzovnici is dedicated to the ascension of the Most Holy Mother of God, and was built from 1935 to 1936 as a triconhons.
Church in Donjoj Ljubovidji is dedicated to Sv. Mariji Magdaleni. The construction of this church began in 2012.