The fishing association OOSR "Drina" was founded in 1951. Within the fishing association there are three sections: seniors, juniors and pioneers. Given the water wealth, Azbukovica is a suitable habitat for the development of river and stream fauna.

The Drina, which runs through Azbukovica 38 km in length, is a bigger ihtiofaun: pike, mrena, juniper, and more, with a larger number of squalid, cranberry and noseblear.

In smaller rivers such as Ljubovija, Orovicka Reka, Postenjska, Uzovnicka, Gracanica and Velika Reka, the most frequent are the corpses and the trout trout.

Society members are engaged in pouring the river and preserving the existing fish stock, in order to prevent illegal fishing. There is a great interest of fishermen from the side coming to this area.