The lecture says that the monastery of the Svete Trojice, p according to the place called Citluk, is about 400 years old and that it is one of the oldest Orthodox religious monuments in this part of Podrinje. The data from 1878 testify that there was a church at that time. Towns and couples in 1966, built a new church on the foundations of the old church. The church is dedicated to the Svetoj Trojici.

The foundations found evidence that the church existed in 1816. It is believed that the iconostasis is over 100 years old. Although it is damaged, there are plenty of saved elements. The gate at the entrance to the church dates back to that period. Blessed Bishop of Sabac-Valjevo, Jovan Velimirović, seeing this place, left the bishop of Sabac Lavrentiju a blessing to build a monastery there. The new belfry was built in 1995, and the construction of the konaka started in 1999. Since 1999, monasticism has been settled in the monastery.

In this monastery there is a copy of the icon of the Tihvinske Bogorodice. This miraculous icon of the Presvete Bogorodice is celebrated on June 26th / 9th and appeals for help to preserve the health of children.The icon of the Virgin was painted on the northern pillar of the old church from 1878. Rain and bad weather, the church mostly damaged the north side. The color of the icon spilled over the roof leak and the icon collapsed. The priest, Father Kozlov, who came from Russia after the persecution of the monk, during the October Revolution, wanted to cross the icon to make the church look more beautiful. When he crossed over to the church, the Holy Virgin came to him the same night and told him that he should not have done it. The next day, he tried to correct the error, but unsuccessfully. That night, he was told that he would experience some inconvenience. Shortly thereafter, his son Oleg blew himself up and died. In the name of repentance, Father Kozlov brought a copy of the icon of the Virgin of the Virgin, which is still in the monastery on the same pillar today. Before this icon, people who are pious and who have strong faith have experienced many healing and miracles.